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Your Baby's Baptism App for iPad

Your Baby's Baptism App for iPad



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This fresh and concise app takes you through why we baptise our babies and the practicalities of baptism. This excellent app is ideal for Catholics and those outside the Church that wish to baptise their child, it explains everything you need to know in easy-to-read language. Answers your frequently asked questions, features prayers and has the ability to upload photos of your day and connect with others through Facebook and email.This is the first and only app for infant baptism within the Catholic Church. Taken from RP’s best-selling book Your Baby’s Baptism the app includes all of the book’s popular features plus new interactive options. Using this app will encourage you and your family to celebrate welcoming your baby into the Church’s community.Your Baby’s Baptism Day - Interactive SectionThis interactive section allows you to take pictures on your special day and record precious details such as the attendees and Godparents. Once you are happy with them upload it all to Facebook, email it to family and friends or print off a copy. This is great for those with loved ones who were unable to attend the Baptism service to be included and also to use as a momento of the day.Available from the Apple App Store, click here...

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