Sacraments I Belong Special: Children's Book

I Belong Special: Children's Book

I Belong Special: Children's Book

Cristina Gangemi



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ISBN: 9780852313992
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I Belong Special is a translation of the best-selling First Holy Communion children’s book which will help children with an intellectual disability toencounter the person of Christ. Children with intellectual disabilities can sometimes have differing language and cognitive skills but in this translation Cristina Gangemi has incorporated special education teaching and learning techniques to ensure that all children will enjoy an accessible journey towards receiving the gift of the Eucharist. Importantly, every section matches the standard I Belong, thereby offering inclusivity for all children in the parish. Due to the expertise and care that has resulted in this fantastic resource it is highly recommended that when purchasing I Belong Special you also order the accompanying I Belong Special Leader’s and Parent’s Guide. These guides will enable you to use this resource to greatest effect by using the teaching methods and techniques detailed within.

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