Lent & Easter The Road to Emmaus and Beyond

The Road to Emmaus and Beyond

The Road to Emmaus and Beyond

Denis McBride, C.Ss.R.



Product Code: 1815
ISBN: 9780852315248
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A revised, special edition of Emmaus – the gracious visit of God. A best-selling classic which has had 4 reprints, and was originally published by Dominican Publications. Following the death of Jesus in Jerusalem, two disappointed disciples leave the city of lost hopes and head away. They meet a mysterious stranger who helps them reinterpret the past in a new light, giving them fresh hope. For many people, the story of Emmaus is the most moving of the resurrection narratives, and Denis McBride’s reflections uncover the depth and beauty of Luke’s unique scene. The story gives Christians a perfect reminder of coming to know Jesus as Lord in the Eucharist.

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