Christian Living Miscarriage and Early Baby Loss

Miscarriage and Early Baby Loss

Miscarriage and Early Baby Loss

Breda Theakston



4 /5

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ISBN: 9780852315163
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The new Pastoral Outreach series is a practical, user-friendly, non-academic pastoral resource which helps clergy and other pastoral care providers to give even more effective and appropriate support. Writing from her own experience, Breda Theakston explores this grief and suggests ways in which those around us can become compassionate companions in our healing. Offering practical advice and real-life stories, this very personal take on miscarriage and early baby loss will help anyone wishing to understand and accompany someone experiencing such loss. Breda Theakston is the Parenting Coordinator for the Family Life Ministry Team at the Roman Catholic Diocese of Leeds and has an MA in Leadership for Family Ministry and Faith Development from Dominican University, Chicago.

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