Prayer and Spirituality Journeying with Jesus: Group

Journeying with Jesus: Group

Journeying with Jesus: Group

Denis McBride, C.Ss.R.



5 /5

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ISBN: 9780852313596
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Journeying with Jesus is a deeply spiritual and lavishly resourced programme of study for those who want to journey side by side with our Lord during Lent, either individually or in small groups. We begin our journey in the wilderness, and, with Jesus, face our temptation to opt for raw power. We travel with Jesus to the top of a mountain, we walk with him along the road, we encounter a series of remarkable people Jesus attracts to himself, and finally sit with him at the table before accompanying him to the cross. But the journey doesn¹t end there. The great joy of Easter bursts into our lives as Christ joins us again on the road. But will we recognise him? Group Study.

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