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Lent Extra 2018




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Lent is our annual pilgrimage towards Easter. It helps if there is someone walking alongside us, offering support and companionship, especially when the going is tough. That’s why Lent Extra 2018 has the theme, “Be with me”. Lent Extra is a companion on our Lenten journey. Its writers reflect on turning points in their lives. Screenwriter Jimmy McGovern’s writing career began with a packet of Weetabix. Journalist Luke de Pulford met victims of human trafficking. Mark and Mary J found Jesus in prison… Lent Extra also looks towards September’s National Pilgrimage and Eucharistic Congress, an event proclaiming the essential role of the Eucharist as our “food for the journey”. The magazine also offers children an opportunity to learn more about the meaning of our Lenten journey. In a pull-out centrefold, the Lenten calendar and puzzles condense the Easter mystery into bite-size chunks. Discounts available for bulk orders, please contact for more information.

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