May 2016


2016-05-24 08:38

Earlier this month a hotel venue in West Sussex played host to what has been described as, “one of the most important and seminal events for the Catholic Church in the United Kingdom”. The comment comes from Fr Victor Vella, Parish Priest of Holy Innocents' parish, Orpington in Southwark diocese and organizer of the ‘Life in the Spirit Retreat for a New Pentecost’.

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We all need to see with God's eyes

2016-05-18 08:29

The conversation went something like this. “How could anybody treat a family member in such a way? The young man thought he was going out with his family for their usual Sunday afternoon walk. He did not know that they had pre-arranged his admission to a nearby long-stay psychiatric unit, where he remained for the following twenty-six years.”

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Some things are beyond price!

2016-05-05 09:15

Roses of every possible colour transformed the hillside: red, yellow, pink… As a surprise for his wife, the multi-millionaire had paid tens of thousands of pounds for the laying out of a rose garden two days before her arrival at their new bungalow. Two years later, the house was on the market.

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