December 2015

The visitors get centre stage

2015-12-21 11:42

The two stories of Jesus’ birth share a strange characteristic: the focus is not on the new family but on the visitors, either the shepherds or the wise men. Why is this, do you think? Hope your visitors have a great time over Christmas.

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New Marriage Rites

2015-12-11 09:49

From Easter 2016, the Catholic Church in England and Wales will be using a new set of texts for the marriage liturgy. Taken from the English translation of the Order of Celebrating Matrimony, these will be mandatory for all marriages celebrated in the Catholic Church in England and Wales from 27 March 2016 – the previous text may no longer be used from that date. This is part of the series of new translations of the Catholic liturgical rites, the first of which to be published was the Missal.

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Mercy in practice

2015-12-09 10:13

"Hundreds of families have slept in Red Cross Shelters set up in response to the flooding, and the army was mobilised along with local RNLI and other emergency service personnel to rescue trapped householders.

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Paris on the march for climate

2015-12-04 08:06

The recent tragic events in Paris, for security reasons, prevented a major demonstration ahead of the UN Climate conference. No fewer than one hundred and fifty world leaders acknowledged by their personal presence that the outcome of the talks could well determine the future of the planet. In spite of conflicting opinions on global warming, the conference theme is one which affects everybody, now and in future generations.

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Towards a year of mercy

2015-12-02 14:58

As the rest of the world continues its countdown to the start of the Year of Mercy, the people of the Central African Republic have already made an early start to the Jubilee. Pope Francis personally opened the Holy Door at Bangui cathedral as his African journey drew to its close.

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